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My Musical Evolution – Part 33 Scratchy 45 Days

I just had a thought that might explain the revival of the Shaving Cream song. Ray Stevens’ The Streak was getting a lot of airplay and recognition. Record companies were probably scrambling to get on the funny song band wagon. Just a theory. While I did believe that Shaving Cream was a great song and […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 32 Scratchy 45 Days

So we’re back to the hits of the 70’s. I hope you enjoyed the side trip into classical. I also hope that I’m painting a good enough picture of the diversity of music in my early years. I think this diversity has not only been with me my entire life but has broadened significantly over […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 31 Spotlight Operas

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I feel fortunate to have been exposed to classical music all my life. For the longest time, my cousin was a ballerina. I may not have recognized the impact that would have at the time but going to all those ballet performances got me cultured. I didn’t realize how much until just a few years […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 30 Spotlight Operas

It seems that mom’s classical records were focused more on the large booming brass overtures and far different from the classical music that I would come to love later on in life. I’m saying that these are good pieces, just that I ended up preferring the more relaxing classics. What started with Disney’s Nutcracker adaptation […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 29 Spotlight Operas

I’m going give you a break from the top AM radio hits of the 70’s to take you in a different direction. you might recall me mentioning that mom had a couple dozen LP albums. You know about the Disney stuff and Frankie Laine. She also had a couple of classical compilations. One was 4 […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 28 Scratchy 45 Days

When I was living in Vermont, we used to substitute “Saxtons River” for “West Virginia” it just seemed natural. Great song as were many of John Denver’s songs. John Denver – Country Roads The Righteous Brothers – Rock And Roll Heaven The 5th Dimension – One Less Bell To Answer Olivia Newton-John – If Not […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 27 Scratchy 45 Days

So we continue sorting through mom’s 45s. I apologize if this seems tedious to you. I realize that there are a lot of them and these are only the ones that I can remember. Granted I probably remember most of them but I’m sure that when all is said and done and we move into […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 26 Scratchy 45 Days

Mom really could pick them. Olivia Newton-John – Please, Mr. Please Paul McCartney & Wings – Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey Steely Dan – Do It Again The Carpenters – Hurting Each Other It is hard to listen to Karen Carpenter without thinking about how insidious anorexia is. So sad. The Partridge Family – I’ll […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 25 Scratchy 45 Days

How many of mom’s 45s have we heard so far? We still have quite a few ahead of us. As I think about these old somgs and sample them on YouTube, i can’t help but feel like I’m dong one of those informercials for a Time-Life CD collection of 1970’s hits. Those really were great […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 24 TV Theme Songs & Movie Records

It all started with Hawaii Five-0 as you know. Then those Disney records where they adapted their movies to album form. Back in the 1960’s and into the 1970’s these adaptations were the only way to bring these movies home from the theater. Remember, there weren’t DVD’s or even VCR’s back then. So records like […]

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