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My Musical Evolution – Part 249 Roach Days Revisited Night Flight Rock & Rule

Another musical influence is often overlooked. USA network used to run a 5 hour show on Friday and Saturday nights. It was kind of like a mix tape for my demographic. It featured music videos, cartoon, weird movies, interviews and concert footage and other stuff that I found appealing. Sometimes it made great backdrop viewing. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 248 Roach Days Revisited Material Girl

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I don’t think it was possible to be in the 10 to 40 age bracket in 1985 and not have at least heard of Madonna. Her second album Like A Virginhad been out for over a year and MTV might as well have been MadonnaTV. I already praised her for being the Boy Toy ambassador […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 247 The Metal Years Ride The Lightning

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I had to jump right into Ride The Lightning because it came at nearly the same time as Kill ‘Em All. Chuck had introduced us to Metallica and we were into it.  Although it wasn’t quite as good as Kill ‘Em All, it was still Metallica and that was good enough for me. I remember […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 246 The Metal Years Bass Solo Take One

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One day Chuck came over to the Roach Motel. He was pretty excited about a band he had been listening to. You gotta check these guys out! He put a cassette into the deck and I hear somebody say “Bass solo take one.”  it was Metallica’s (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth from Kill ‘Em All.  It was […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 245 Roach Days Revisited How I Met Your Mother

Another thing happened in late 1985. I met the woman that would become my wife nearly 4 years later.  I was working as a waiter in a Pizza Hut when it happened. Her parents had only 7 or 8 kids a that time and they would come in occasionally. I don’t remember any specific episodes […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 244 The Metal Years For Those About To Rock

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I’ve seen AC/DC in concert more times than any other band and I really don’t care for them much. OK, OK that might be a little exaggerated. I like AC/DC well enough but the reason that I’ve seen them in concert sooo many times is because during The Metal Years, they always had great acts […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 243 Roach Days Revisited No More Gravity

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During The Roach Days,  a guy named Chuck who used to play drums for us, introduced us to some good music.  Billy Thorpe’s Children Of The Sun was among them.  There was an allure to Children Of The Sun it might have been the story. It could have been the music. It might even have […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 242 Roach Days Revisited Echoes

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Those of you that have been following along know that up to this point, my Pink Floyd experience has been Dark Side Of The Moon courtesy of a guy named Chip from The Academy Days and The Wall which was a devastatingly poignant punctuation at the end of The Rise & Fall Of ’84. I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 241 The Metal Years Megalomania

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I met Scott in September of 1984 in Calculus. Arica and Scott had gone to high school together. It wasn’t untilThe Roach Days that we really started to hang out together.  30 years later and we still hang out together. We have weekly coffee sessions. I’ve been to the boundaries with him. He’s been on […]

My Musical Evolution – 240 Roach Days Revisited Dawn Of Mix Tape

What comes to mind when you look at the image over there –>?  I have over 100 of these. Some look exactly like this one. Over the years, I’ve made mix tapes mostly on TDK, Maxell, and Memorex cassettes. I eventually settled into Maxell MX 110 as my cassette of choice. At just shy of […]

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