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My Musical Evolution – Part 286 Roach Days Revisited Madonna Don’t Preach

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Madonna’s next album, True Blue opened up with controversy. Her song Papa Don’t Preach seemed to bother activist groups all over the place. The religious groups thought the song was promoting premarital sex. The Pro Choice people were upset that she didn’t get an abortion. What bothered me was that this was turning point where Madonna ceased […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 285 Roach Days Revisited More Over The Airwaves

Even with my voluminous collection of music, there are still thousands of songs that passed through My Musical Evolution that never made it to The Eclectic collection. You can buy everything. Who knows, maybe if I wasn’t playing Compact Disc catch up, some of these artists during The Roach Days might have made to my […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 284 Roach Days Revisited The Art Of Buying Lots Of Compact Discs

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I had my own Compact Disc player and at the time it seemed like Digital Compact Discs were going to be the meduim for music forever.  My mission had three goals. 1. Replace my old cassettes and vinyl LP’s with CD’s. 2. Buy the music from my life, namely things from The Scratchy 45 Days […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 283 Roach Days Revisited Entering The Digital Domain

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It is hard to assess the true impact of the Compact Disc on My Musical Evolution. This was a significant change in technology.  Remember My Musical Evolution – Part 92?  It was then that I had decided to switch from vinyl LP’s to factory cassettes. I then switched back to vinyl after three years of accumulating cassettes. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 282 Roach Days Revisited Enter The Compact Disc

Commercially available Compact Disc players were still a fairly new concept in 1986 when I bought my first one.  They had been around for 2 or 3 years but they were ridiculously expensive. That idea seems so silly given how affordable they are today.It is not impossible but very difficult to imagine life before the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 281 Roach Days Revisited Return To Styx

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I’m grouping these four albums together because that is how they were packaged for me. Way back in The Academy Days when I was still very much into Styx. I was able to receive these four albums recorded on two cassettes from my cousin who was an even bigger Styx fan back then.  They were […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 280 Roach Days Revisited

The Roach Days were probably the time in my life when music was the biggest thing going on. Sure we did other things but generally, we listened to music most of the time. We had MTV on, or played stuff from our rather large music collection, had parties or played our guitars. It seemed that the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 279 Roach Days Revisited KISS

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I almost forgot that KISS entered the scene again during The Roach Days. If you recall back in Part 84 The KISS Age was officially coming to a close.  Aric bought Lick It Up and Animalize so I got to sample KISS again. Since Aric was a big KISS fan back in the 70’s too, we […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 278 Roach Days Revisited

Wow, as I write this, we are just a couple of days away from the end of September. I have been doing this Musical Evolution project for nearly nine full months. The post number tells me that I’m statistically ahead of one post per day. Here again I find myself wondering if I should have […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 277 Roach Days Revisited The Final Vinyl

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Fire Of Unknown Origin gets the distinction of being my last vinyl album due to lack of official records and the alphabet.  I’ve spent considerable thought and time trying to plumb the depths of my mind trying to remember the last vinyl album. There is no way to be certain but the process of elimination […]

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