My Musical Evolution – Part 223 The Metal Years Piece Of Mind

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Iron Maiden Piece Of MindHaving really gone mad for for Iron Maiden’s Powerslave. I went back to Wooden Nickel and bought a couple more Iron Maiden albums. Working my way backward through time, my next stop was Piece OF Mind.

The music had the same high energy and subject matter that I hoped it would.  Iron Maiden was well on their way to becoming my favorite metal act. I loved the two guitar setup, I was intrigued by Eddie the skeletal mascot, even the stylized logo was something that I thought was cool. I thought it cool that their songs all seemed to be 6 or 7 minutes long at least, with extensive solos and orchestral progressions.

The fact that they chose to write their songs about mythology, history and classical literature appealed to the scholarly side of me. Iron Maiden was the renaissance man’s metal.

I saw the video for Flight Of Icarus on MTV at Brian’s house months prior, not really knowing who Iron Maiden was at the time. As I recall, none of my metal friends seemed to like Iron Maiden as much as I did.


Where Eagles Dare




Flight Of Icarus


The Trooper


Still Life

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One Response to “My Musical Evolution – Part 223 The Metal Years Piece Of Mind”

  • stanley rajnert says:

    This album is one of metals greatest releases. The subject matter that Maiden wrote about made them educational at the same time entertaining. Phenomenal guitar riffing, devastating bass line execution and Bruce’s Herculean vocals make this epic unmatched by any other. I’m glad others still recognize this behemoth of greatness. Thanks for your post!!!




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