My Musical Evolution – Part 259 Roach Days Revisited Genesis

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Genesis Albums

Genesis Albums

I have to thank Aric for my introductory course in Genesis.  Their latest album Genesis was kicking out the hits one right after the other and it vaulted them into an even higher plane of super group. I had long been meaning to but Genesis but so much other stuff was happening that I could never fully justify the expense. The crazy thing is that even now, it is still on my buy this sometime list. I still haven’t even though I know it is good.

Aric didn’t seem to have that problem. He had several Genesis albums during The Roach Days and it was there that I got to really listen too them. I wouldn’t say that we listened to them often or with any regualirty. Sometimes the mood would strike and we’d turn down the W*A*S*P and turn on the Genesis.

I can’t say for certain but I think Genesis was one of those bands along with Rush that filled the gap between Aric’s KISS Age and Metal Years. They really are a talented bunch and we probably should have listened to them more.  After the end of The Roach Days, I didn’t have access to any Genesis albums and it wasn’t until just about a year ago that I suddenly had the urge to listen to them so I bought all of the albums you see abouve with one exception. The one that I originally wanted back then, the one that has been on the shopping list for 30 years.  Why haven’t I bought Genesis?

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway


No Reply At All




Turn It On Again


A Trick Of The Tail


That’s All


Taking It All Too Hard

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  • Bill says:

    Update – On January 21st, 2014, I finally ordered Genesis…




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