My Musical Evolution – Part 404 21st Century And Then Ryan Star Came On

Noah And The Whale 5 Years TimeI feel fortunate in that I really like nearly all of the music my kids listen to. I wonder if my influence on their Musical Evolutions all along the way has shaped the likes to be more in line with my own. For example, I was in my 20’s before I ever heard of New Age but my kids have heard it all their lives. When we visit Vermont, I typically play mainstream stuff on the ride up there but when we are there, I switch over to New Age. It seems like the perfect music to go with those amazingly beautiful vistas.

I’m always eager to hear what they’ve discovered and I continue to share my findings with them.  My son has pretty much grown out of his Metal Years. He is soon to be 22 and that was expected. He currently likes DubStep and movie soundtracks too. My daughter in soon to be 21 and most of her music is dance oriented or indie stuff. We saw one of her early favorites Ryan Star play the food court at Jefferson Pointe. Kind of gives you a little perspective on the indie-ness of it.

It is a really cool experience being able to talk about music with your kids and to genuinely be excited about the stuff they are listening to.  When I send my daughter mix CD’s I try to include some classic material as well as the new stuff I’m into and then through in couple obscurities. Here are some samples of stuff we’ve sent back and forth.


Noah And The Whale – 5 Years Time


LMFAO – Best Night


Guns ‘N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine


Lady GaGa – Poker Face


Ryan Star – Start A Fire


INXS – Afterglow


Pink – Glitter In The Air


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