My Musical Evolution – Part 405 21st Century Wolfe Tones

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Wolfe Tones Across The Broad AtlanticHere is an example of how My Musical Evolution has influenced My Musical Evolution.  I first heard of Wolfe Tones while working on this vary project. Back in January when I was meditating on what my earliest musical memories were, I recalled a children’s album of railroad songs and sound effects.

My research in trying to find my favorite song from that album put me in front of Wolfe Tones. In what has become a typical response, my next stop was Amazon and soon I was enjoying Across The Broad Atlantic. This album is a collection Irish songs about seeking a new life in America.

I had already been listening to The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers and other Irish folk groups. Adding Wolfe  Tones was a natural thing. Paddy On The Railway is a great song. It brought back some very early memories when I posted about it way back in Part 7.  It is cool to listen to this album now knowing that I wouldn’t have it if I hadn’t decided to document My Musical Evolution.

It gives me a strange sensation to think that I’ve been doing this almost daily for an entire year.  It feels like it has been a very long year and yet it also feels like it was just the other day that I was writing about Paddy On The Railway for other reasons.



Paddy On The Railway


Shores Of America


Goodbye Mick

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