My Musical Evolution – Part 406 21st Century Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys

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Delilah DeWylde & The Lost BoysIt feels weird that after a year of writing about music and bands spanning nearly 50 years, I’m writing about musical discoveries that have taken place just this year. It reminds me that while My Musical Evolution the project will end in a handful of posts over the next couple of days, My Actual Musical Evolution will continue as long as I do. And who knows how long that will be?

My association with Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys is due to milk. How does milk influence your Musical Evolution? I hear you ask. It was late one Saturday night (turning into Sunday morning) when I woke with a craving for a cold glass of milk. I got up poured a glass and turned on the television. It was tuned to PBS because I had watched the Red Green Show a couple hours earlier.

On PBS at this time was a live performance by Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys. On the surface, it seemed like twangy country music but it was different. I suppose that I should have mentioned this at some point along the way. It isn’t country music that rubs me the wrong way. I can listen to Johnny Cash and those guys. It is the Alan Jacksons and Garth Brooks’ that make my skin crawl.

Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys was different. It was more like Stray Cats meets O Brother Where Art Thou?  or even Adam & The Ants is some way. Their faux vintage appearance made it even better.  What really sealed the deal was their song Machine Head.   It was completely brilliant. Maybe it was the milk talking.  So I sat and watched, mesmerized.  At some point, I scribbled the name Delilah DeWylde on the envelope of some junk mail that was not too far away and the next day I was online and researching.

So was it really milk that called me to Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys or did I somehow subconsciously catch an advert on PBS earlier and my brain made a note behind my back to check them out?
Machine Head

I think this was the exact episode that I saw that night

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