My Musical Evolution – Part 407 21st Century Pérez Prado

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Pérez Prado

Remember that Guinness Screen Saver from back on Windows 95? Well I never forgot how cool that song was.  I’ve had the Shazam application on my phone for over a year when I suddenly got the idea to use ti to identify that screen save song.  So one evening, I dug out an old Window98 computer that I was reasonably confident still had the screen saver installed. I fired up sampled the song and success. it was Guaglione by Pérez Prado

Remember that Patricia song from Instrumental Gold? I thought it sounded similar and that was because it was Pérez Prado, the same guy. I jumped over to Amazon and not only found a Guinness CD with Guaglione on it but I was able to pick up a couple other Pérez Prado albums for a couple of bucks. So, that was how the late summer of 2012 became a revival of vintage Cuban Mambo music.




Mambo No.8





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