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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour FruitSince the closing of the News Groups, I have basically not been out searching for new and interesting things. That does not mean that they haven’t found their way to me. My Music Circle has been widen by Brandi. We work together and she always seems to find some cool stuff to listen to. Her Musical Evolution is always moving too. This fall she went to see a bunch of concerts including KISS and Mötley Crüe.

It is not unusual for Brandi to show up in my office with a CD and say something like Do you want to check this out? They are kind of like [insert another band name here].  She was the first person I know that have Lasy GaGa on CD. Along the way she has shared a bunch of stuff with me like Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Zac Brown Band, La Roux and a bunch more.

A Music Circle is a cool way to expose yourself to new stuff. If you have 5 or 9 friends that are really into music and musical exploration you can really cover a lot of ground . It helps if everybody brings their own tastes to the project.  I think about my Music Circle of Aric, Scott, My Kids, My Wife, My Sisters, Grant, Ken, Keith, Brandi and Jeff, I can’t help but feel fortunate that these guys are around to share the cool stuff that they’ve discovered with me. I also feel proud to have been able to influence their Musical Evolutions with some of my discoveries.

When you combine the music circle with tools like YouTube, Shazam, Amazon and the internet, it is pretty easy to find new things. How many times have you held you Shazam app up in a retail outlet to capture whatever is on the overhead speakers? How many times have you click on a See Also link in Amazon to find a cool artist? How many times have you watched another video from the side bar of YouTube?

While I can’t stand iTunes because it is set up so poorly and runs amazingly bad while eating up every bit of resources your computer has to offer, there are still some cool concepts at play. Zune does similar stuff where you select a handful of artists you like and it draws from its incredibly large database to provide suggestions to other stuff you might like based on what you already like. I never use Pandora but I imagine that similar strategies are in place there.

Anyway here are few samples of good stuff that have reached me via the channels mentioned above.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Golden Age


Zac Brown Band – Mary


Marconi Union – Weightless


Goldfrapp – Ooh La La

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