My Musical Evolution – Part 409 21st Century Music Box Opera

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Delerium Music Box OperaA couple of months ago, Delerium’s latest album was released. Music Box Opera takes what I like about Delerium and adds some of the industrial tech sound of DubStep into the mix. It seems like that is happening all over the music scene to some degree.

This also marks a first in that I was alerted to this release by following or “liking” Delerium on Facebook. A week or two before the album hit the shelves, they posted a video of one of the songs. I went to amazon and preordered it.  I still have a number of Delerium albums on my wish list. mostly the very early ambient stuff.

I wonder how long I’ll be this into Delerium. I mean I was totally into Blackmore’s Night and Loreena McKennitt and have since let their new released go un-purchased. Will there come a day when a new Delerium album comes out and I won’t care? If so I wondered what will have happened to generate such a response.

I suddenly wonder what I’m missing out on in the last couple of albums from Blackmore’s Night and Loreena McKennitt. I’d better get busy.


Consciousness Of Love




Chrysalis Heart



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