My Musical Evolution – Part 410 21st Century And To Think I Saw It On YouTube

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I have spent more time with YouTube this year that I ever have before. Even considering the number of videos that I’ve looked for and linked to in trying to complete My Musical Evolution, I still have not really given YouTube that much time. Typically, I put the album in question on in my media player, listen to it, think about from every angle that I can within the context of My Musical Evolution. Then I write those thoughts up and then jump over to YouTube to look for the songs that I’ve been listening to. So my YouTube time is very brief. I search, find and embed.

However, there have been numerous occasions where those little videos on the right side of the page catch my interest. I’m not certain how they get selected to be there. In some cases it seems like they are related to the video I was originally watching. In other cases it seems like they are related to things I was looking at a few weeks ago. Sometimes they don’t seem to have any rational explanation.

I bet if I allowed myself, I could spend a significant pile of hours just watching video after video. I haven’t yet. Maybe that is because of the setup. I suppose if I was on the couch and jumping from video to video with a remote, I might be able to watching a couple of hours worth. Maybe it is conditioning. I always seem to be doing something when I’m on the computer even if that something is just playing FreeCell. Even when I watch something on Netflix with my computer I’m not just sitting there at the computer, I’m usually putting a few miles on the recumbent bike while I watch.

With all that being said, here are a few things worth mentioning that I saw on YouTube.

Psy – Gangnam Style for a while, it was unavoidable


Netsky – Escape

Zeparella – When The Levee Breaks


Cayla Christensen – Misplaced Devotion – I never heard of The Dear Hunter but this video was on the side and I thought Cayla’s cover was cool. I went on to check out the original and found that I like this cover better. There is something about her delivery and presence that made this song stick in my head.

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