My Musical Evolution – Part 403 21st Century More Movie Soundtracks

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I really do like soundtracks. One of my earliest favorite songs were from a movie and a TV Theme song. My first real soundtrack was Star Wars which I adored. The Heavy Metal Soundtrack is still one of my favorite albums.  I think it is safe to say that I will always love sound tracks. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 402 21st Century Eeeeehhhhh!

When you work with a guy long enough, you can’t help but influence each others Musical Evolutions.  Ken and I are very different in many musical ways. I’m told that he used to have a bazooka tube in a car that was too small for it. He liked to bump down the street beating the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 401 21st Century The Complete Chance Of B.o.B.

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Sometimes My Musical Evolution is affected by sheer random chance.  Such is the case of B.o.B.. It was my daughters first semester away at college. I know that because of the second random chance of B.o.B.. A guy who worked in sales resigned and a few days after he left, I was tasked with reformatting […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 400 21st Century From DEFCON4 To DEADMAU5

Wow Part 400, another milestone. It is fitting for it to land here on what is the latest branch of My Musical Evolution, DubStep. Why do I love DubStep? Why do people like anything? I feel that my arrival here at DubStep was a natural progression.  I think DubStep is first and foremost electronic dance […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 399 21st Century Technology Advancements

The 21st Century also brings us to our latest round of technological advancements.  I now have a few personal media playing devices where I used to rely on cassettes then Compact Discs. My media players automatically sync with my media library and it is easy to load them up with hundreds or thousands of songs […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 398 21st Century A Few Words About The Beatles

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I debated about whether or not to post something about The Beatles. I never went through a Beatles Phase where I was mad about them. For the longest time, my only Beatles CD was Sgt Pepper.  I can’t quite define my relationship with The Beatles.  I think that they made some really good music but […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 397 21st Century Keith’s Old Stuff, New Stuff and New Stuff That Sounds Old

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My friend Keith is a French & Indian War enthusiast. He participates in those historical reenactments. In doing so he has appeared in a few historical programs on the history channel and in Mel Gibson’s movie The Patriot. If you watch that last battle scene where Mel rides his horse to the ridge of the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 396 21st Century Worth Mentioning About The Aughts

Vashti Bunyan , no relation to Paul apparently, was another of those songs that came via a commercial on the NFL Network. It might have been under armor or something. I’m having difficulty trying to explain what it was about the song that was so attractive. Vashti’s voice had this sort of soft purity about […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 395 21st Century Dubstep For Christmas

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It was just over two years ago that I heard the term Dubstep for the first time.  I happened to follow a link to a video that was labeled Sketchy Santa.  What waited for there was a little homemade looking video for a song about Santa and a Dirty Bass Line.  The video was meant […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 394 21st Century David Gilmour

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It had been several years since The Division Bell, Pink Floyd’s last studio album.  Along the way, I had picked up David Gilmour’s solo stuff. It was his solo work in combination that totally convinced me that when it came to the Pink Floyd split up, I was firmly with Team Gilmour.  When they broke […]

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