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My Musical Evolution – Part 200 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

In August, Lisa had encouraged me to take part in some church weekend for teens. She was a Catholic girl but in the style of Biily Joel and not Frank Zappa. How could I refuse her. So I went to Our Lady Of Good Hope and actively participated. I wanted her to know that I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 188 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Summer On Wheels

Lisa had a paper route. She delivered papers to who knows how many homes in her little neighborhood. To speed up the process, she did it on roller skates.  If I wanted to spend time with her, I had to join her on the route. I jogged at first but skating looked kind of fun. I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 182 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 First Serious Prolonged MTV Exposure

Lisa was an uptown girl living on the reasonably affluent northeast side of town. It was a fairly modern sub-division where all the streets either end in cul-de-sacs or have gently sweeping curves. Her parents were very nice and she had a little brother that was just waiting for somebody to teach him about Heavy […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 179 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 A Pair Of Chance Encounters

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It is here that My Musical Evolution forks again into a third thread. On February 3rd, 1984 I ran into a guy that went to school with at Franke Park Elementary.  Bob was going to IPFW as well. I hadn’t seem him since second or third grade.  We chatted a bit and discovered that we both […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 92 Academy Days The Columbia House Cassette Conversion Catastrophe

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That title makes it sound dramatic. In reality, I really only regretted it from late 1982 to late 1985.  To understand the original motivation, I need to explain the technological change that happened around 1980-81. The desire to make music portable had created a couple of new devices. On the highly mobile but less sharable […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 85 BFMS

My middle school years were dominated by radio. I wasn’t listening to my KISS records as much and I wasn’t able to really buy anything new. So the radio was it. I’m really surprised that I can’t recall the 2 or 3 stations that I would listen to. I know that they were broadcasting from New […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 70 BFMS

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Where do these often lame titles for my musical eras come from? In my mind, my less than perfect memory and desire to categorize and organize has always had these “groupings” for the music that I have collected over the years. There are maybe half a dozen main categories. You’ve already been through The Scratchy […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 33 Scratchy 45 Days

I just had a thought that might explain the revival of the Shaving Cream song. Ray Stevens’ The Streak was getting a lot of airplay and recognition. Record companies were probably scrambling to get on the funny song band wagon. Just a theory. While I did believe that Shaving Cream was a great song and […]

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