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My Musical Evolution – Part 293 Roach Days Revisited Third Stage

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Wow, the first Boston album to come out in years! I had heard all manner of rumors regarding the long absence of new Boston material. One was that the guitarist severely broke his hand and was rehabbing for years. I should see if heard that one. OK so the reality is much more frustrating […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 282 Roach Days Revisited Enter The Compact Disc

Commercially available Compact Disc players were still a fairly new concept in 1986 when I bought my first one.  They had been around for 2 or 3 years but they were ridiculously expensive. That idea seems so silly given how affordable they are today.It is not impossible but very difficult to imagine life before the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 270 Roach Days Revisited Expanding The Bass Set

By the time this photo was taken, I had just about completely stopped playing Heavy Metal songs on my bass. Occasionally, I’d thump out some Ratt or maybe some Iron Maiden but for the most part the goal was to be able to play songs that the girls were into. Again, being only a mimic […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 254 Roach Days Revisited Guitar Upgrades

I had been playing Aric’s crappy pawn shop bass for several months. Likewise, he was becoming proficient on my cheap ass pawn shop guitar. I want to take this moment to clarify that at no point do I ever consider myself a musician. To me a musician is somebody that understands music as it applies […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 135 Academy Days Back To Boston

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Although I prefer Don’t Look Back, Boston is a great album as well. I love the tonal quality of the guitars in Boston. I also appreciate the precise arrangments. These guys are air tight. Pay close attention to the bass line sometime. They certainly aren’t thumping out repetitive E notes. They melodically pirouette all over […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 83 BFMS Don’t Look Back

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The last group in that little trifecta courtesy of my cousin was Boston. Their album Don’t Look Back had just come out and Flavia had it.  The cover to the original vinyl LP was configured likeit was a double album. I used to look at that cover intently. It had so many cool things going […]

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