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My Musical Evolution – Part 302 Roach Days Revisited More Mozart

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Over the course of 1987, my vices began to diminish and fall away. I was 22 and the previous 5 years had been a string of epic parties.  It was starting to get old, or maybe I was. It sounds ridiculous when I read that back. Old at 22? The past few years were my Barney […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 292 Roach Days Revisited Mozart

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If you have been following along from the beginning, you’ll recall that My Musical Evolution had a good sized dose of Classical music way back in my early childhood courtesy of a few classical compilation albums that my mother had. My interest in classical music exapnded with the discovery of Switched-On Bach at my aunt’s […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 71 Getting Switched-On To Classical

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Was it destiny that brought us to Switched-On Bach on Robert Moog’s birthday? As we discussed in earlier posts, I have had some exposure to Classical music. In the late 1970’s it was my Aunt’s Switched-On Bach album that really connected me to Classical.  The artist was called Walter Carlos back then but goes by […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 31 Spotlight Operas

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I feel fortunate to have been exposed to classical music all my life. For the longest time, my cousin was a ballerina. I may not have recognized the impact that would have at the time but going to all those ballet performances got me cultured. I didn’t realize how much until just a few years […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 30 Spotlight Operas

It seems that mom’s classical records were focused more on the large booming brass overtures and far different from the classical music that I would come to love later on in life. I’m saying that these are good pieces, just that I ended up preferring the more relaxing classics. What started with Disney’s Nutcracker adaptation […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 29 Spotlight Operas

I’m going give you a break from the top AM radio hits of the 70’s to take you in a different direction. you might recall me mentioning that mom had a couple dozen LP albums. You know about the Disney stuff and Frankie Laine. She also had a couple of classical compilations. One was 4 […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 5 The First Taste Of Classical

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Who or what are our earliest musical influences? I am the oldest of three children. My two younger sisters are 2 1/2 and 6 years younger than me.  I feel sorry for them in a way. I’m sure that being older, even though I was still too young to operate the audio equipment, I probably […]

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