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My Musical Evolution – Part 221 College Intermission Simbro Brothers

Aric and I hung out together all summer long.  Did a lot of parties and country cruises. Listened to a lot of Heavy Metal. We also did a Free Coffee experiment. There was on old guy afffectionately called Pops that used to come in for coffee every day. He was really old but always in […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 220 College Intermission Moving Pictures

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I turned 20 in February of 1985. I still can’t help but think of Al when he turned 20 on Mount Equinox in 1983. He seemed to grown up and everybody else seems too young. I’m intrigued by things like numbers and coincidence. I bring this up because this is post 220 and I’m talking […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 219 College Intermission The End Of 1984

Penny and I lasted until the end of the year with the last month being more off than on. Again I felt the stinging numbness of heartbreak and loss. Looking back on it decades later, I wonder if I was really broken up over Penny or just at the idea of breaking up.  Were those […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 218 College Intermission Wheels Start Turning Again

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Was Penny a rebound girlfriend? If she was, I wasn’t conscious of it at the time. With almost 30 years of hindsight, I can’t see how she couldn’t have been. The timing for one thing.  I had to be searching for somebody to fill that gaping hole in my life. To patch that wound.  It was […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 216 College Intermission Billy Squier

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It seemed that Billy Squier was everywhere for a while in 1983-84. His songs were all over the radio. Just about everybody I knew had at least oneBilly Squier record. I didn’t.  I liked what I was hearing well enough to enjoy it but it didn’t grab me for whatever reason. For sentimental purposes, I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 215 College Intermission Self Control

One day I had some time before my english class in the CM building. I sat in a lounge type area where there was a television. There were a few other students present, seated or milling about. On the TV was this program about billiards. These guys were making these really cool trick shots to […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 207 College Intermission Eliminator

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So has the braiding of College Intermission, The Rise & Fall Of ’84, and The Metal Years been OK to follow? Do you see why I think it is important to represent them as three simultaneously occuring but yet separate threads? I guess it could have been less emotional and more chronological. I’m just giving […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 206 College Intermission Another Brick In The Wall Part 1

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Up until the summer of 1984, Pink Floyd was synonymous with Dark Side Of The Moon for me. I knew that they were more than that. I had even heard Confortably Numb at Chip’s house way back in the Academy Days. In August if 1984, my concept of Pink Floyd  would be expanded and  The […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 204 College Intermission 90125

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am I the only one that keeps accidentally calling this album 90210? It wasn’t always that way.  90125 refers to the catalog number of the album not a zip code. By the time 90125 was getting air play, I had heard a few of the classicYes songs. This album although quite good didn’t sound much like […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 196 College Intermission

I met Aric that spring. He was kind of seeing my sister at the time.  He was just finishing up his senior year at North Side High School.  Aric and I would eventually start hanging out together and we would even share a house. That was still a over a year away but we’ll get there. […]

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