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My Musical Evolution – Part 306 Roach Days Revisited The Romance Glacier & The Road To No Where

The summer of 1987 was all about little changes. I had sold my gigantic Ford Galaxie 500 and gotten into a sporty little Comet. I had my Easter Epiphany and had scaled back on my vices. I wanted to return to a slower, simpler existence.  Which is probably why I began to hang out with […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 285 Roach Days Revisited More Over The Airwaves

Even with my voluminous collection of music, there are still thousands of songs that passed through My Musical Evolution that never made it to The Eclectic collection. You can buy everything. Who knows, maybe if I wasn’t playing Compact Disc catch up, some of these artists during The Roach Days might have made to my […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 236 Roach Days Revisited Guitar Exchange

You might recall that I had bought a guitar from the pawn shop and struggled to get anything but pain from it. I also bought a Fender Dual Showman Tube Bass Amp from Brian with a big Woodson cabinet sporting dual 15″ speakers. I don’t know why I bought a Bass amp for my guitat. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 191 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

The memory is a strange thing. How does it decide what to hold close and what to let go. How is it possible that something that seems so vividly remembered can often be skewed or altered over time.  My inital look back to The Rise & Fall Of ’84 was filled with innocent images of […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 188 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Summer On Wheels

Lisa had a paper route. She delivered papers to who knows how many homes in her little neighborhood. To speed up the process, she did it on roller skates.  If I wanted to spend time with her, I had to join her on the route. I jogged at first but skating looked kind of fun. I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 178 College Intermission Delerious

Looking at these old videos and other 80’s related stuff, I’m reminded just how colorful the middle of the 80’s were. Maybe it was just the change of moving back to the city but it seemed like it happened very fast. It seemed to start in the fall of 1983 and last until some time […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 168 College Intermission Music Journal

Have I suggested that you keep a Music Journal?  I’ve been tracing My Musical Evolution for 7 full months now. It has been more fun than it probably sounds.  This isn’t the first time that I wished for documentation. I really wish that when I was just beginning to get into music that I would […]

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