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My Musical Evolution – Part 285 Roach Days Revisited More Over The Airwaves

Even with my voluminous collection of music, there are still thousands of songs that passed through My Musical Evolution that never made it to The Eclectic collection. You can buy everything. Who knows, maybe if I wasn’t playing Compact Disc catch up, some of these artists during The Roach Days might have made to my […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 208 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 The Deep Breath

If I had to graph my relationship with Lisa during The Rise & Fall Of ’84, I feel it would look like this. It was a steady climb that suddenly reached the stratosphere only to instantly come crashing back to earth in flames. So I go on that church weekend and after it was over […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 198 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

Even during the Rise part of The Rise & Fall Of ’84, there recurring issues with Lisa’s ex. The wooly cotton brains of memory seemed to have smoothed it over but if I look deeper into it, it was a frequent problem. Did I not see it? Did I bet too many chips on hope? […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 196 College Intermission

I met Aric that spring. He was kind of seeing my sister at the time.  He was just finishing up his senior year at North Side High School.  Aric and I would eventually start hanging out together and we would even share a house. That was still a over a year away but we’ll get there. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 190 College Intermission

I came to the realization that this project will not end with the closing of 2012 like I originally planned. That is because My Musical Evolution will continue. I do foresee that it will change.  Instead of being a retrospective, it will be a live feed as I report in real time the latest influences […]

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