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My Musical Evolution – Part 275 The Metal Years Somewhere In Time

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Being the Iron Maiden fan that I was, I had to buy Somewhere In Time when it came out. Guess what, they had adopted some of that MIDI technology too. Iron Maidenalways had great sounding guitars, adding the MIDI stuff just seemed to make them a little more ethereal or something. They didn’t go over the top […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 255 The Metal Years Live After Death

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I’ve owned Live After Death in several different formats. First came the video taped copy that I got from somewhere on television. I’m still not sure if it was MTV, Night Flight or something else.  We watched it a lot. Next came the vinyl double album version.  I also eventually bought the video on DVD. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 252 The Metal Years Behind The Iron Curtain

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I can’t remember where I first saw Iron Maiden Behind The Iron Curtain .Was it MTV or one of the documentaries on Night Flight. I really don’t have any idea and not interested enough to try to find out. What I do know is that I was really into Iron Maiden and Powerslave was getting […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 233 The Metal Years More Maiden

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I finally picked up Killers and thus had collected all of the Iron Maiden studio albums. I still was firmly in Team Dickinson but the Paul Di’Anno albums had a quality about them that was – I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of the word to summarize that quality.  If I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 226 The Metal Years Video Pieces

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VCR’s both VHS and Betamax were starting to become more and more common in homes across America. Columbia House saw this as an opportunity. The Columbia House Catalog suddenly had a music video section. I found Iron Maiden’s Video Pieces there. I bought this only mine was the Betamax version. I had a really nice […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 225 The Metal Years Strange World

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I have long forgotten why I skipped Killers in my pursuit of Iron Maiden albums. Maybe Wooden Nickel didn’t have it when I went o but it. Maybe I just thought the cover of Iron Maiden looked cooler than Killers. Perhaps I just wanted to get to their very first ablum and experience where it all […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 224 The Metal Years Woe To You O’ Earth And Sea

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Here is another cover that belongs in the gallery of iconic album art. I had seen this album cover numerouas times before I was an Iron Maiden fan. I wondered about the music inside that album cover. I wondered if it would be a source of contention between me and my religeously sensitive mother. I weighed […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 223 The Metal Years Piece Of Mind

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Having really gone mad for for Iron Maiden’s Powerslave. I went back to Wooden Nickel and bought a couple more Iron Maiden albums. Working my way backward through time, my next stop was Piece OF Mind. The music had the same high energy and subject matter that I hoped it would.  Iron Maiden was well […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 214 The Metal Years Water, Water Everywhere Nor Any Drop To Drink

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I had seen Iron Maiden albums in the record store. I had even seen the Flight Of Icarus video on MTV at Brian’s house.  I just didn’t seem ready to buy something called Number Of The Beast. Iron Maiden’s album Powerslave  hit stores in September. I can recall it being displayed proudly in the new […]

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