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My Musical Evolution – Part 33 Scratchy 45 Days

I just had a thought that might explain the revival of the Shaving Cream song. Ray Stevens’ The Streak was getting a lot of airplay and recognition. Record companies were probably scrambling to get on the funny song band wagon. Just a theory. While I did believe that Shaving Cream was a great song and […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 28 Scratchy 45 Days

When I was living in Vermont, we used to substitute “Saxtons River” for “West Virginia” it just seemed natural. Great song as were many of John Denver’s songs. John Denver – Country Roads The Righteous Brothers – Rock And Roll Heaven The 5th Dimension – One Less Bell To Answer Olivia Newton-John – If Not […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 27 Scratchy 45 Days

So we continue sorting through mom’s 45s. I apologize if this seems tedious to you. I realize that there are a lot of them and these are only the ones that I can remember. Granted I probably remember most of them but I’m sure that when all is said and done and we move into […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 25 Scratchy 45 Days

How many of mom’s 45s have we heard so far? We still have quite a few ahead of us. As I think about these old somgs and sample them on YouTube, i can’t help but feel like I’m dong one of those informercials for a Time-Life CD collection of 1970’s hits. Those really were great […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 23 Scratchy 45 Days

We didn’t like all of mom’s records. There were a few that didn’t make the roation when we were playing DJ.  You are probably not surprised that I can’t remember what they were. The memory is a strange thing.  I might be jumping ahead here but in late 1985 or maybe early 1986, I bought […]

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