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My Musical Evolution – Part 306 Roach Days Revisited The Romance Glacier & The Road To No Where

The summer of 1987 was all about little changes. I had sold my gigantic Ford Galaxie 500 and gotten into a sporty little Comet. I had my Easter Epiphany and had scaled back on my vices. I wanted to return to a slower, simpler existence.  Which is probably why I began to hang out with […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 287 Roach Days Revisited I Want My MTV

I find it interesting to look back at the past 100 posts, particularly the ones that feauture the music from the radio and MTV. Seeing it all in this condensed time lapse format highlights how quickly the popular mainstream music sound changed over the course of the decade. Men Without Hatsand Culture Club faded away […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 266 Roach Days Revisited Desperately Seeking Lynette

I don’t recall how it happened but somehow I ended up with Madonna’s movie Desperately Seeking Susan on video tape.  Did I record it from one of the cable movie channels? I really don’t know. I do know that for a while we watched it more than a few times.  If you aren’t familiar with […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 221 College Intermission Simbro Brothers

Aric and I hung out together all summer long.  Did a lot of parties and country cruises. Listened to a lot of Heavy Metal. We also did a Free Coffee experiment. There was on old guy afffectionately called Pops that used to come in for coffee every day. He was really old but always in […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 164 College Intermission John Mellen Cougarcamp

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I have the North Side High School girls volleyball team from the fall of 1983 to blame for my owning American Fool by the artist formerly known as John Cougar. I’ve tagged him as John Cougar Mellencamp so that it covers all the bases. As you know i have two younger sisters. Barb is almost 3 […]

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