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My Musical Evolution – Part 312 Roach Days Revisited 1987 Ends With Big Changes

As 1987 became 1988 several rather large changes occured. I changed cars again. Remember a couple of posts back when I got this little red Tempo. I decided to make a serious effort of using the safety belts. Well it was a good thing I did because I was wearing it the day a woman […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 298 Roach Days Revisited Evolution

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Journey, Styx and Kansas got early Compact Disc upgrades.  I’m not sure how I feel about buying Departure 3 times [cassette, vinyl, CD] in a 5 year span. One of my favorite albums to be sure but 3 in 5? While I was scooping up the Journey CD’s I picked up a new one. An old one really, […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 270 Roach Days Revisited Expanding The Bass Set

By the time this photo was taken, I had just about completely stopped playing Heavy Metal songs on my bass. Occasionally, I’d thump out some Ratt or maybe some Iron Maiden but for the most part the goal was to be able to play songs that the girls were into. Again, being only a mimic […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 117 Academy Days People And Places

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If I had to depend on 30 second samples, I never would have bought Departure which would eventually become my favorite Journey album.  I really like Open Arms from the Heavy Metal soundtrack. I loved the Escape album that I got for Christmas. I bought Infinity and Departure at the same time from Columbia House and […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 116 Academy Days Journey Continues.

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To the 1982 me, Journey was one my pillar bands. Kansas, Styx, Boston, and REO Speedwagon and Journey all seemed to fit well together. Is it a coincidence that they all are named after location or transportation related things? I drove my REO Speedwagon on a Journey from Kansas of the river Styx all the way […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 115 Academy Days Journey Begins

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Here is another spin off from the Heavy Metal Soundtrack. It was another in the Christmas presents from my cousin series and I am so grateful. I was familiar with Open Arms from Heavy Metal but the rest of the album was just as good. Of course it is full of hits and radio favorites […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 108 Academy Days Heavy Metal

I can’t remember which came first, the Heavy Metal Magazine or the Heavy Metal movie Soundtrack.  For a long time I was getting the magazine, at least a year. I had a pretty good stack of them. If you’ve never seen Heavy Metal magazine, it is basically a sci-fi fantasy comic book that targets 16 […]

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