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My Musical Evolution – Part 396 21st Century Worth Mentioning About The Aughts

Vashti Bunyan , no relation to Paul apparently, was another of those songs that came via a commercial on the NFL Network. It might have been under armor or something. I’m having difficulty trying to explain what it was about the song that was so attractive. Vashti’s voice had this sort of soft purity about […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 286 Roach Days Revisited Madonna Don’t Preach

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Madonna’s next album, True Blue opened up with controversy. Her song Papa Don’t Preach seemed to bother activist groups all over the place. The religious groups thought the song was promoting premarital sex. The Pro Choice people were upset that she didn’t get an abortion. What bothered me was that this was turning point where Madonna ceased […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 266 Roach Days Revisited Desperately Seeking Lynette

I don’t recall how it happened but somehow I ended up with Madonna’s movie Desperately Seeking Susan on video tape.  Did I record it from one of the cable movie channels? I really don’t know. I do know that for a while we watched it more than a few times.  If you aren’t familiar with […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 264 Roach Days Revisited The Virgin Tour

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For a while this show was on MTV. It was taken from a live show in Detroit in the spring of 1985.  I wish it was available on legitimate DVD. I’d pick it up. I must have seen it several times during its run on MTV.  It means more to me today than it did […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 257 Roach Days Revisited Lucky Star

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I back tracked into Madonna’s first album. I had really enjoyed Like A Virgin and her earlier hits like Lucky Star, Borderline and Holiday were attractive and energetic. As I listen to her right now, part of me smiles with warm memories of this era in my life and the seemingly uncomplicated notion of living and dancing. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 248 Roach Days Revisited Material Girl

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I don’t think it was possible to be in the 10 to 40 age bracket in 1985 and not have at least heard of Madonna. Her second album Like A Virginhad been out for over a year and MTV might as well have been MadonnaTV. I already praised her for being the Boy Toy ambassador […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 235 Roach Days Revisited Getting Into The Groove

You might have noticed a few photos of Madonna attached to some of these posts. Part of it is because I was trying to visually express the look and style of the girls of the 80’s. Madonna was the Queen of style back in 1985. Sometimes the style got a little over the top but […]

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