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My Musical Evolution – Part 245 Roach Days Revisited How I Met Your Mother

Another thing happened in late 1985. I met the woman that would become my wife nearly 4 years later.  I was working as a waiter in a Pizza Hut when it happened. Her parents had only 7 or 8 kids a that time and they would come in occasionally. I don’t remember any specific episodes […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 194 College Intermission Summer Job

In the summer, a temp agency placed me in a factory that made truck parts. Using an array of hydraulic presses, tourches and stamping devices, they turned flat pieces of metal in various thickness and density in to all manner of things that are used in building trucks. It was here that I discovered how labor unions […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 191 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

The memory is a strange thing. How does it decide what to hold close and what to let go. How is it possible that something that seems so vividly remembered can often be skewed or altered over time.  My inital look back to The Rise & Fall Of ’84 was filled with innocent images of […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 190 College Intermission

I came to the realization that this project will not end with the closing of 2012 like I originally planned. That is because My Musical Evolution will continue. I do foresee that it will change.  Instead of being a retrospective, it will be a live feed as I report in real time the latest influences […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 186 College Intermission

Before we get started, I’d like to once again draw your attention to the Tag Cloud at the very bottom of the page. All along the way, I’ve tried to tag each artist where I discussed a particular song or album. I’ve also tagged the Era of each post. The result is that Tag Cloud. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 171 College Intermission Cars & Stereos

My first car was a blue 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 very similar to the one pictured here. It was originally my Grandpa’s and he bought it new. It had some miles on it and it didn’t have power steering or seat belts but the body was in excellent shape. No seat belts. That seems like such […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 168 College Intermission Music Journal

Have I suggested that you keep a Music Journal?  I’ve been tracing My Musical Evolution for 7 full months now. It has been more fun than it probably sounds.  This isn’t the first time that I wished for documentation. I really wish that when I was just beginning to get into music that I would […]

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