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My Musical Evolution – Part 367 New Age Osamu And World Music

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I guess my interest in the far east began in middle school while watching Kung Fu on TV.  I wasn’t down for monk training or dragon shaped scars caused by intense heat but I did like the serenity of the gardens and the music. I’m sure that these factors are what led me to gamble on The Source by […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 346 New Age Roland Hanneman

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These days, just about every department store has that little rack of Compact Discs that are not included with the rest of the music section. It is tucked away, usually closer to the greeting cards or scented candles. The display will have a backlit collage of all the album covers and you can sample a […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 341 New Age More Ray Lynch

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Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Ray Lynch’s last studio album.  As you recall, I got Deep Breakfast as a wedding gift. I picked up The Sky Of Mind shortly after. No Blue Thing was released soon after that. I had been listening to Ray Lynch for about 5 years when Nothing Above My […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 335 New Age No Blue Thing

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Back in the pre-internet days, the only way I could find out if an artist like Ray Lynch had a new album was to go to Musicland and look in the New Age section to see if anything new was there. One day in 1989, there was a new Ray Lynch album. There is a […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 325 New Age Switched-On Holst

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My introduction to Tomita was this version of Holst’s The Planets. I was familiar with Holst and The Planets due to my involvement with classical music and Star Wars. I had originally checked out The Planets because my cousin thought that might like it since I liked the Star Wars Soundtrack so much. Again, like with Switched-On Bach […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 324 New Age Musik Zur Ruhe Vol 10. Leben Humming Voices

My second acquisition from the Musik Zur Ruhe series was Volume 10, Leben – Humming Voices. The experience mirrored my jump from Deep Breakfast to The Sky Of Mind.  Leben was still a good collection of new age music but did appeal to me like Licht – Flying Clouds did.  Where Jean Michel Jarre used synthesizers and bizarre electronic gadgets […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 323 New Age Musik Zur Ruhe Vol 6. Licht Flying Clouds

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My quest for more New Age music had me scouring the racks at Musicland week after week. I simply could not get enough of it. I feel very fortunate to have been able to random chance my way into some really good CD’s. Without the benefit of the internet or any friends that were on […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 322 New Age The Voyage Beyond

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I bought The Voyage Beyond at Musicland on the same day that I bought New Age Music and like New Age Music, it is a compilation of new age songs from a variety of artists. It is a good album but not as dear to me as New Age Music. It does serve to illustrate […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 321 New Age Exploring New Age Music

I have no idea when the term New Age Music was actually invented. I had been actively looking at records in stores since The KISS Age back in the 1970’s. I didn’t remember seeing that little section tucked away between Classical or World and the Comedy albums before. Of course I wasn’t looking for it. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 320 New Age Goodbye Vinyl Hello Sky Of Mind

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When Mary and I moved into our house on Cortland, like every other time I’ve moved, my first priority was getting the stereo set up so we would have music to move in to and soothe our savage souls.  So I did that but this time I decided not to connect the turntable. I only had about 40 […]

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