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My Musical Evolution – Part 80 BFMS You Should Be Dancing

I can’t understand why there ended up being such an anti-disco movement.  I thought some of it was rather clever. You know taking the Star Wars theme or classics like Beethoven’s 5th and discofying them.  I feel fortunate to be able to look back at this time in My Musical Evolution and find these great […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 77 BFMS Grease Becomes The Word

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As I was listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, I realized that I never have seen that movie. I guess at some point in the 1990’s I saw a good chunk of it on TV. For me, Saturday Night Fever was just a double album of really great dance music. My cousin had the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 76 BFMS Dance Hall Days

It wasn’t really a dance hall. It was the gym at Bellows Falls Middle School. Looking at it from a parent’s or administrators point of view, the middle school dance seems even more awkward than it felt when I was in 7th grade. I can’t shake this notion of it being a primitive rite as a […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 44 Scratchy 45 Days

Charlie Rich – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World The Reighteous Brothers – You Lost That Loving Feeling George Benson – On Broadway Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music England Dan & John ford Coley – I’d really love to see you tonight Eric Carmen – Never Gonna Fall In Love Again Olivia […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 28 Scratchy 45 Days

When I was living in Vermont, we used to substitute “Saxtons River” for “West Virginia” it just seemed natural. Great song as were many of John Denver’s songs. John Denver – Country Roads The Righteous Brothers – Rock And Roll Heaven The 5th Dimension – One Less Bell To Answer Olivia Newton-John – If Not […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 26 Scratchy 45 Days

Mom really could pick them. Olivia Newton-John – Please, Mr. Please Paul McCartney & Wings – Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey Steely Dan – Do It Again The Carpenters – Hurting Each Other It is hard to listen to Karen Carpenter without thinking about how insidious anorexia is. So sad. The Partridge Family – I’ll […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 25 Scratchy 45 Days

How many of mom’s 45s have we heard so far? We still have quite a few ahead of us. As I think about these old somgs and sample them on YouTube, i can’t help but feel like I’m dong one of those informercials for a Time-Life CD collection of 1970’s hits. Those really were great […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 20 Scratchy 45 Days

I hope the jumping around in time doesn’t bother you. As I stated early on, I wasn’t going to attempt to put all of mom’s 45’s into any kind of chronological order. They weren’t in any order when we found them. Even though the music that makes up The Scratchy 45 Days comes from three […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 18 Scratchy 45 Days

Remember a few posts back I told you that I was going to experiment with the format? I did a post of some random songs from The Scratchy 45 Days then I do a post focused on an Artist. I’m still not crazy about the results. One thing that comes to mind is the tag cloud […]

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