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My Musical Evolution – Part 256 The Metal Years A Shot In The Dark

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OK so Ozzy was a werewolf on the last album. What is he this time a bug? A bat? A demonoid? I think this album was the pinnacle for Ozzy as far as the hype machine was concerned. Of course he continued to be successful and is still successful now over 25 years later. I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 234 The Metal Years Rock & Roll Rebel

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As I post this photo of the Bark At The Moon album cover, a thought occured to me that I had not considered before. Who had the idea to dress Ozzy up as a werewolf? Did Ozzy approach the record label and say “I’d like to be a werewolf on the cover of the next […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 197 The Metal Years American Rock Festival

On May 27th, 1984, Brian and I were at the American Rock Festival at the Timber Ridge Ski Resort in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It was an all day show. The concert goers were spread out all over the ski slope and the stage was set up in front the base lodge.  It was certainly a festival […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 185 The Metal Years Over The Mountain

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I felt compelled to post both blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman on the same day because I bought them on the same day.  I had heard Brian’s Ozzy albums and new I had to get my own. Diary picked up right where Blizzard left off. I found out much later that all […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 184 The Metal Years Wine Is Fine But Whiskey’s Quicker

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It only took a moment to move from Black Sabbath into Ozzy Osbourne. His distinctive voice and persona made it an easy transition. The syrup that was Iommi was replaced by Randy Rhoades which gave it a more modern metal sound. I wonder if Black Sabbath regretted the departure. It certainly seemed that Ozzy’s star […]

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