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My Musical Evolution – Part 165 College Intermission Cruising & Arcades

When I play back these MTV/Radio hits of the College Intermission, I keep getting flashes of cruising around in mom’s Granada. Perhaps that says more than I first realized. Mom’s car had AM/FM but no cassette option. That would mean that riding around in mom’s car was a radio only affair. Makes sense. i can’t imagine […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 159 College Intermission The Rise Of Radio

I don’t know why but for a 4 year period starting that autumn, I paid attention to radio and music videos more intently than I ever had. I still maintain that it was a ripple effect from MTV. Even on our 4 and half channels we had Friday Night Videos.  Perhaps it was just a […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 113 Academy Days There Are Three Girls Here At Ridgemont That Have Cultivated The Pat Benatar Look

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As we discussed, my introduction to Pat Benatar was Crimes Of Passion that I received as a Christmas gift. I back filled with In The Heat Of The Night, then went forward with Precious Time. This album was good but didn’t quite reach me like her previous two. In fact, it seems that I liked […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 112 Academy Days My Clone Sleeps Alone

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I liked this album so much that I actually bought the cassette twice. I got my first one from Columbia House and played in until it met an untimely end.  As I think about trying to fix it by pulling most of the magentic tape out of the cassette then gently and carefully spooling it […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 97 Academy Days Crimes For Christmas

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A few posts back I told you about how my cousin Flavia would give me an album for Christmas every year.  Pat Benatar’s Crimes Of Passion was one of those albums. I feel like I had never heard of Pat Benatar prior to that Christmas. I suppose I could have gotten to Hit Me With […]

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