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My Musical Evolution – Part 194 College Intermission Summer Job

In the summer, a temp agency placed me in a factory that made truck parts. Using an array of hydraulic presses, tourches and stamping devices, they turned flat pieces of metal in various thickness and density in to all manner of things that are used in building trucks. It was here that I discovered how labor unions […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 171 College Intermission Cars & Stereos

My first car was a blue 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 very similar to the one pictured here. It was originally my Grandpa’s and he bought it new. It had some miles on it and it didn’t have power steering or seat belts but the body was in excellent shape. No seat belts. That seems like such […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 54 Summers In Vermont

I’ve send it before and here I am saying it again. Some songs are linked to people. Some songs are linked to events. Some somgs are linked to moments in time. I mentioned earlier that after I finished 4th grade, I went to Vermont and spent the entire summer with my cousins at my Aunt […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 46 Scratchy 45 Days

Steely Dan – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number In the years after I began to collect Compact Discs, I would often try to acquire all thsese great songs from The Scratchy 45 Days and I would become an even bigger fan of these artists. Steely Dan is one of those where I liked the songs in […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 26 Scratchy 45 Days

Mom really could pick them. Olivia Newton-John – Please, Mr. Please Paul McCartney & Wings – Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey Steely Dan – Do It Again The Carpenters – Hurting Each Other It is hard to listen to Karen Carpenter without thinking about how insidious anorexia is. So sad. The Partridge Family – I’ll […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 20 Scratchy 45 Days

I hope the jumping around in time doesn’t bother you. As I stated early on, I wasn’t going to attempt to put all of mom’s 45’s into any kind of chronological order. They weren’t in any order when we found them. Even though the music that makes up The Scratchy 45 Days comes from three […]

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