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My Musical Evolution – Part 383 21st Century Echoes Of Pink Floyd

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My interest in Pink Floyd never went away but for a number of years, it was overshadowed by New Age Music, Blackmore’s Night, Loreena McKennitt and the like. On a pitch black night on an island in the boundary waters of Canada, my interest in Pink Floyd was rekindled. I had brought along one of […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 342 The 90’s Pulse

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After seeing Pink Floyd live in Boston, I became somewhat obsessed. As you know, I had been a fan of Pink Floyd music since The Academy Days. Now, I wanted to explore the rest of their albums. I also saw them live again in Chicago at Soldier Field. WXKE was having a concert bus trip. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 334 The 90’s The Division Bell

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In 1994, Pink Floyd released what appears to be their last studio album. I didn’t run out and buy it right away. I had been focused on New Age music for a few years.  I wouldn’t say exclusively but pretty close. What prompted me to buy The Division Bell was a trip to Vermont. I had […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 312 Roach Days Revisited 1987 Ends With Big Changes

As 1987 became 1988 several rather large changes occured. I changed cars again. Remember a couple of posts back when I got this little red Tempo. I decided to make a serious effort of using the safety belts. Well it was a good thing I did because I was wearing it the day a woman […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 309 Roach Days Revisited A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

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It had been 4 years or so since Pink Floyd made The Final Cut. The band had split up and it seemed like the end of Pink Floyd. I personally was disappointed that Roger Waters would no longer be a part of Pink Floyd. I couldn’t imagine how they could proceed without his guidance. In […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 308 Roach Days Revisited Animals

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I remember the day that I bought Animals. It was during The Roach Days which is why it is here but to be honest, I was very tempted to hold off until we reach 2002 because on a dark night on an island in the Canadian Bounrdary Waters is where I first really appreciated this album. For now, let’s […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 290 Roach Days Revisited Welcome To The Machine

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Wish You Were Here is another of the Iconic Album Covers collection.  It seems strange to me now to think that this album was on the shelves by the time The KISS Age started. I saw it there in the record stores. I wondered about the significance of the man on fire. At this point in My […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 282 Roach Days Revisited Enter The Compact Disc

Commercially available Compact Disc players were still a fairly new concept in 1986 when I bought my first one.  They had been around for 2 or 3 years but they were ridiculously expensive. That idea seems so silly given how affordable they are today.It is not impossible but very difficult to imagine life before the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 242 Roach Days Revisited Echoes

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Those of you that have been following along know that up to this point, my Pink Floyd experience has been Dark Side Of The Moon courtesy of a guy named Chip from The Academy Days and The Wall which was a devastatingly poignant punctuation at the end of The Rise & Fall Of ’84. I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 212 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Another Brick In The Wall Part 3

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I don’t know when or how I decided that I had to do something else but finally I did.  I wrote a note to Lisa and went to the restaurant where she was working as a waitress. They called her to the counter where I was waiting, She smiled at me. I took the Cross […]

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