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My Musical Evolution – Part 280 Roach Days Revisited

The Roach Days were probably the time in my life when music was the biggest thing going on. Sure we did other things but generally, we listened to music most of the time. We had MTV on, or played stuff from our rather large music collection, had parties or played our guitars. It seemed that the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 208 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 The Deep Breath

If I had to graph my relationship with Lisa during The Rise & Fall Of ’84, I feel it would look like this. It was a steady climb that suddenly reached the stratosphere only to instantly come crashing back to earth in flames. So I go on that church weekend and after it was over […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 196 College Intermission

I met Aric that spring. He was kind of seeing my sister at the time.  He was just finishing up his senior year at North Side High School.  Aric and I would eventually start hanging out together and we would even share a house. That was still a over a year away but we’ll get there. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 178 College Intermission Delerious

Looking at these old videos and other 80’s related stuff, I’m reminded just how colorful the middle of the 80’s were. Maybe it was just the change of moving back to the city but it seemed like it happened very fast. It seemed to start in the fall of 1983 and last until some time […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 154 Space Mountain On That Radio In The Kitchen

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Although living on top of Mount Equinox was amazing good fun and staggeringly beautiful, we were more or less cut off from civilization. As a result, there wasn’t much in the way of new music being added to my collection. At this point I had 2 cassette carrying cases that held 24 cassettes each and […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 152 Space Mountain MTV

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I got my first glimpse of MTV in the summer of 1983. It had been on the air and running since August 1st of 1981 so it was almost 2 years old already. As you know during my entire time in Vermont TV basically did not exist.  Nobody I knew had access to MTV. I […]

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