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My Musical Evolution – Part 212 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Another Brick In The Wall Part 3

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I don’t know when or how I decided that I had to do something else but finally I did.  I wrote a note to Lisa and went to the restaurant where she was working as a waitress. They called her to the counter where I was waiting, She smiled at me. I took the Cross […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 211 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Another Brick In The Wall Part 2

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To this day my advice to anybody who has just been through a break-up is to avoid Pink Floyd’s The Wall for a few months. It was weird, like the album and I were swirling downa drain together. It never left my turntable for weeks. I even recorded it onto a blank 8-Track. Remember my […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 210 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Impact

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She agreed to meet me one last time. I had one last chance to convince her that it was a mistake. In the parking lot of Hardy’s over spilled Diet Coke and tears we closed the door on what could have been.  It wasn’t the last time that I would see her. Over the next […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 209 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 The Plunge

Suddenly, the music turned sad and soulful. Suddenly all the songs were about heartbreak and loss. Were they always there? I spent my days in a fog. Trying to figure out what could have happened. Trying to get her to talk to me. Trying to negotiate a return to how things were just a couple […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 208 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 The Deep Breath

If I had to graph my relationship with Lisa during The Rise & Fall Of ’84, I feel it would look like this. It was a steady climb that suddenly reached the stratosphere only to instantly come crashing back to earth in flames. So I go on that church weekend and after it was over […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 200 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

In August, Lisa had encouraged me to take part in some church weekend for teens. She was a Catholic girl but in the style of Biily Joel and not Frank Zappa. How could I refuse her. So I went to Our Lady Of Good Hope and actively participated. I wanted her to know that I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 198 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

Even during the Rise part of The Rise & Fall Of ’84, there recurring issues with Lisa’s ex. The wooly cotton brains of memory seemed to have smoothed it over but if I look deeper into it, it was a frequent problem. Did I not see it? Did I bet too many chips on hope? […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 193 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Van Halen Live!

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I’m struggling with where to place Van Halen’s 1984 album. I’ve put it in The Rise & Fall Of ’84 mostly because Lisa and I saw Van Halen at the Coliseum in July of 1984.  I actually bought this album before I met Lisa and as such many of the songs are not really attached […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 192 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Summer Blockbusters

Lisa and I made our way to the movies several times during The Rise & Fall Of ’84. We saw Finders Keeprs, Ghostbusters, Footloose and more.  Footloose was a big deal that summer mostly because of all the music that came out of that soundtrack. You already know that I liked movie soundtracks.  This one […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 191 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

The memory is a strange thing. How does it decide what to hold close and what to let go. How is it possible that something that seems so vividly remembered can often be skewed or altered over time.  My inital look back to The Rise & Fall Of ’84 was filled with innocent images of […]

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