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My Musical Evolution – Part 313 Roach Days Revisited Tubular Bells

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In January of 1988 Aric, Kris and I moved in to Stately Roach Manor on US Highway 30, just west of New Haven. Like everything else, that place has changed. When we lived there. It was a big green lot covered in grass and trees featuring about half a dozen huge spruces. Today, it is a […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 312 Roach Days Revisited 1987 Ends With Big Changes

As 1987 became 1988 several rather large changes occured. I changed cars again. Remember a couple of posts back when I got this little red Tempo. I decided to make a serious effort of using the safety belts. Well it was a good thing I did because I was wearing it the day a woman […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 311 Roach Days Revisited Going From U2 To Us

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The summer of changes became the Autumn of changes. Mary and I were spending more and more time together. Our relationship glacier crept slowly along while we held hands and filled our time with unusual activities like making home made taffy. Have you ever pulled taffy? In October, we went to local forested areas to […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 310 Roach Days Revisited Whitesnake

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One day, Whitesnake showed up. It was a sudden appearance. One moment, I ahd never heard of Whitesnake and the next they seemed to be all over the place like they had been around for years and years. They were winning all sorts of critical praise and even being hailed has the Next Led Zeppelin. Still Of […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 309 Roach Days Revisited A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

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It had been 4 years or so since Pink Floyd made The Final Cut. The band had split up and it seemed like the end of Pink Floyd. I personally was disappointed that Roger Waters would no longer be a part of Pink Floyd. I couldn’t imagine how they could proceed without his guidance. In […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 308 Roach Days Revisited Animals

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I remember the day that I bought Animals. It was during The Roach Days which is why it is here but to be honest, I was very tempted to hold off until we reach 2002 because on a dark night on an island in the Canadian Bounrdary Waters is where I first really appreciated this album. For now, let’s […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 307 Roach Days Revisited More Aric Influence

Here are a couple more Compact Discs that Aric picked up back in The Roach Days.I understand the .38 Special. They had come to town with Bon Jovi and he went to that show. Flashback was prep work. You know, checking out some material to get more familiar. We weren’t .38 Special fans before.  I […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 306 Roach Days Revisited The Romance Glacier & The Road To No Where

The summer of 1987 was all about little changes. I had sold my gigantic Ford Galaxie 500 and gotten into a sporty little Comet. I had my Easter Epiphany and had scaled back on my vices. I wanted to return to a slower, simpler existence.  Which is probably why I began to hang out with […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 305 Roach Days Revisited Steve Miller

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Back in The Academy Days, I bought Abracadabra by Steve Miller. For some reason I became motivated to grab this Greatest Hits compilation. While the specifics are long gone, I would not be surprised if the story went like this, because they often do. During the course of my day, I hear a song, maybe  […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 304 Roach Days Revisited Strong Persuader

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I’ll have to ask Aric if he remembers what his first Compact Disc was.  I’m not sure if I’ve adequately expressed what a big deal this new CD format was.  Think about for a minute. The phonograph record had been around for over 100 years. Magnetic tape had been around since the 1930’s. Here, not only […]

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