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My Musical Evolution – Part 281 Roach Days Revisited Return To Styx

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I’m grouping these four albums together because that is how they were packaged for me. Way back in The Academy Days when I was still very much into Styx. I was able to receive these four albums recorded on two cassettes from my cousin who was an even bigger Styx fan back then.  They were […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 210 The Rise & Fall Of ’84 Impact

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She agreed to meet me one last time. I had one last chance to convince her that it was a mistake. In the parking lot of Hardy’s over spilled Diet Coke and tears we closed the door on what could have been.  It wasn’t the last time that I would see her. Over the next […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 143 Academy Days Stereos And Other Worth Mentionings

The Stereo systems of the Academy Days were really something to behold. Most of the kids at prep school had excessive budgets for that kind of equipment. Today, technology has changed the game dramatically. It has been over a decade since I’ve owned a big stereo component system. Today, with the advent of 2.1, 5.1, […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 118 Academy Days Worth Mentioning

We have been exploring My Musical Evolution through the Academy Days. So far it has been about the albums I owned back then.  In the interest of being thorough, there were still a few artists and songs that should be included.  John Lennon was killed my sophomore year and his album Double Fantasy was getting a […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 91 Academy Days More Styx

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Sophomore year, I had a girlfriend for a few months. she was a sophomore too but was new to the school. That was how we met initially. As a returning student, I volunteered to help the new students as an orienation leader. Vermont Academy new student orientation was a pretty cool concept that gathered all the […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 82 BFMS Welcome To The Grand Illusion

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Another of my cousin’s albums that I had the great fortune of sampling was The Grand Illusion by Styx. Like Kansas, Styx seemed to be very melodic and symphonic with so many layers of sound and instruments to explore and immerse myself in.  I don’t think that I was as enraptured by Styx as I […]

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