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My Musical Evolution – Part 270 Roach Days Revisited Expanding The Bass Set

By the time this photo was taken, I had just about completely stopped playing Heavy Metal songs on my bass. Occasionally, I’d thump out some Ratt or maybe some Iron Maiden but for the most part the goal was to be able to play songs that the girls were into. Again, being only a mimic […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 215 College Intermission Self Control

One day I had some time before my english class in the CM building. I sat in a lounge type area where there was a television. There were a few other students present, seated or milling about. On the TV was this program about billiards. These guys were making these really cool trick shots to […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 196 College Intermission

I met Aric that spring. He was kind of seeing my sister at the time.  He was just finishing up his senior year at North Side High School.  Aric and I would eventually start hanging out together and we would even share a house. That was still a over a year away but we’ll get there. […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 191 The Rise & Fall Of ’84

The memory is a strange thing. How does it decide what to hold close and what to let go. How is it possible that something that seems so vividly remembered can often be skewed or altered over time.  My inital look back to The Rise & Fall Of ’84 was filled with innocent images of […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 171 College Intermission Cars & Stereos

My first car was a blue 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 very similar to the one pictured here. It was originally my Grandpa’s and he bought it new. It had some miles on it and it didn’t have power steering or seat belts but the body was in excellent shape. No seat belts. That seems like such […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 168 College Intermission Music Journal

Have I suggested that you keep a Music Journal?  I’ve been tracing My Musical Evolution for 7 full months now. It has been more fun than it probably sounds.  This isn’t the first time that I wished for documentation. I really wish that when I was just beginning to get into music that I would […]

My Musical Evolution – Part 131 Academy Days Ghost In The Machine

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My introduction to The Policecame courtesy of a gift of The Ghost In The Machine album. Sadly I don’t recall who actually gave it to me. I remember being in Alumni Hall, affectionately dubbed Slum with the approprate floor appended as in Slum 3 or Slum 2.   One of the guys had the album and […]

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